I am a curator of the upcoming Smithsonian Folklife Festival program featuring the United Arab Emirates. Previously from 2018-2019, I led a collaborative research project for the Festival at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage focusing on expressive culture, spiritual life, and environmental knowledge in the Republic of Benin.

I earned a PhD in art history from Indiana University in 2018. In 2017-2018, I was a Predoctoral Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution with research appointments in the Department of Anthropology and the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

I study African art and focus especially on cloth, dress, and fashion in West Africa. I first traveled to Mali in 2007 as an art student, where I was struck by the deep and vivid beauty of Malian dress, a form of art most people engage with on a daily basis. I continue to pursue projects with Malian and Mande language speakers around the world. I previously worked at the Indiana University Art Museum, in study abroad programming, in art consulting, and at a boutique letterpress shop.

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